Yin Twists

Duration: 53 minutes

Emphasis:  In this class you'll hold these twists for 2 minutes each to deeply stretch the tissues and joints of the body. Expect some fairly strong sensations in these poses and see if you can breathe through them, minimising the almost inevitable fidgeting of body and mind. Of course, if the poses cause you any pain whatsoever, make your way back to a comfortable place - explore your 'edge' but with safety in mind. By the end I hope you'll be feeling very relaxed and enjoying stillness and deep peace.

Props needed: A bolster (or two pillows and a blanket), a blanket for padding knees, head etc, a yoga belt (or tie from a bathrobe) and blocks/bricks to adjust the height of your bolster according to your needs.

Note: I made an error in the second side of the 'Cat Pulling Its Tail' twist - , I tell you to bring your left hand to the floor or to your left thigh - but I should have said right hand .... you'll understand when you get there...

Mat direction: Long edge of the mat facing the screen.

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