Shoulder Blade Retraction Flow to improve posture and prepare you for Bridge Pose or Shoulderstand - February 2024

Duration: 53 minutes

Emphasis: A Sun Salutation-based flow class that has a focus on retracting the shoulder blades (pulling them towards each other) that helps to broaden and stretch the upper chest and stabilise and strengthen the shoulder girdle. This movement is really helpful when doing poses such as Bridge Pose and Shoulderstand is it encourages extension of the upper spine, lifting it in and up away from the floor, rather than rounding and pressing down into the floor which can feel uncomfortable in these poses. Regular practice of shoulder blade retraction can help the upper back and chest area feel more mobile and spacious and improve your posture and breathing too.

Note: It is important to keep your head and neck still whilst doing Shoulderstand so please watch the instructions first so you don't turn your head to see the screen in the pose. If you haven't done Shoulderstand before or for a while you might want to watch and practise the 'Shoulderstand Using The Wall Tutorial - February 2024' first.

Props needed: Two blankets and possibly a yoga belt if you are tight across the upper chest and front of the shoulders.

Mat direction: Short edge of the mat facing the screen.

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